Founding Members

PsyNAppS is founded by three doctoral students from University of Oxford’s Department of Experimental Psychology who would very much like to find out what they can do with their degree.

Georgina Aisbitt


Georgina Aisbitt, DPhil Candidate

Georgina Aisbitt is a 3rd year DPhil student supervised by Professor Robin Murphy. Her research focusses on associative analysis of inhibition and control in relation to Psychopathy. Georgina received her BA in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University in 2012.

Georgina’s passion for the application of psychology and neuroscience lies in mental health and policy. For the past 2 years she has been the group coordinator of Oxford Student Minds, a branch of the UK’s student mental health charity, and a trained facilitator of weekly eating disorder support groups. Her varied experience as a volunteer, from a school for children with severe autism to a local homeless shelter, has fostered this passion and interest in the application of research to mental health and policy intervention.

Find out more about Georgina’s research here.

Georgina can be contacted at

Chii Fen Hiu

Chii Fen Hiu, DPhil Candidate

Chii Fen Hiu, DPhil Candidate

Chii Fen Hiu is trying to relive her teenage years through her research on adolescent social cognition and emotional wellbeing. In an elaborate ploy for a valid excuse to travel the world (in the name of research), she further investigates cultural differences in development, focussing on Asian and Western teenagers. She is particularly interested in how psychology and neuroscience may be used to inform policy and education. As a 3rd year DPhil student, however, she is very much open to ideas about the future, and is very excited for PsyNAppS to show her the way forward.

Chii Fen is also passionate about science communication, and often gives talks about psychology and neuroscience to students as part of her research visits as well as a STEM ambassador. In her free time, she organises interviews for Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable and (very) occasionally writes in her personal blog.

Find out more about Chii Fen’s research here.

Chii Fen can be contacted at

Chung Yen Looi


Chung Yen Looi, DPhil Candidate

Chung Yen Looi is a 3rd year DPhil student in Experimental Psychology at University of Oxford. Her DPhil work is on improving learning and cognition using non-invasive brain stimulation and cognitive training using video games (Supervisor: Dr. Roi Cohen Kadosh). Looi received her BSc (Hons) in Neuroscience from King’s College London and MEd in Psychology of Education from the University of Bristol.

Looi’s experiences of working with children with and without learning difficulties over the past 4 years, as well as healthy adults and elderly during her DPhil was inspired by the idea of applying psychology and neuroscience to education. She is keen to expand the applications of her research to the fields of educational technology, cognitive aging and policy. Looi’s DPhil work at the Cohen Kadosh Lab has been featured on the National Geographic and Discovery Channel.

Find out more about Looi’s research, talks and engagement activities here.

Looi can be contacted at

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