Past term cards

Hilary 2015

Week Date Speaker(s) Talk Topic
3 4th February Professor Eric Clarke Music and consciousness

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4 10th February Professor Roi Cohen Kadosh & Dr. Ann Dowker Learning and intervention: Applying neuroscience and neuromodulation research
5 17th February Dr. Robert McHenry Psychology in the corporate world
6 24th February Dr. Kevin Dutton How to write popular science
7 3rd March Mr. Mo Costandi From bench to blog: The neurophilosopher’s journey
8 10th March Professor Barry Smith The multisensory perception of wine: Talk & wine tasting event

Michaelmas 2014


Date Speaker(s) Talk Title
2 21st October Professor Nancy Pucinelli The psychology of consumer behaviour

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3 28th October Carlos Velasco & Alejandro Selgado, DPhils Neuromarketing

Read more here

4 6th November Mr. Chris Cullen Mindfulness

Read more here

5 11th November Dr. Mihaela Duta & Dr. Nele Demeyere Can mobile technology help us understand cognitive decline?

Read more here

6 18th November Dr. Hannah Maslen Must I cognitively enhance? How neuroethics can inform law and policy

Read more here

7 25th November Professor Charles Spence & Professor Dorothy Bishop Is applying neuroscience research to the real world necessary? A panel discussion

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