We’re the folks who keep PsyNAppS dynamic and plastic! Please get in touch with us to get involved. We’re looking for: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sponsorship & Careers Officer, Publicity Officer, IT Officer, Blog Editor-in-Chief, Blog Contributors, and Subject Representatives for ALL subjects!


Marie-Therese Png, President

Marie-Therese is a third year undergraduate student studying Human Sciences at St. Hugh’s College.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of her degree, her academic interests include future technologies, neuroethics, cognitive neuroscience, health policy as well as sustainability and social justice. She has contributed to research with the Institute for Women’s Health as well as the Institute of Child Health on gene therapy for neurodegenerative disorders and is currently writing her dissertation on the ethics of neuroengineering. She hopes to stand at the intersection of Neuroethics and Governance. At university Marie-Therese is a varsity track athlete, enjoys freelance photography and adventure-seeking.

Tweets @png_marie

Marie-Therese can be contacted on


Annayah Prosser, Vice-President

Annayah is a visiting student working as a Lab Manager for the Crockett Lab, supervised by Dr Molly Crockett. She is currently working on projects involving the role of uncertainty in altruistic behaviours, and the optimism bias. She founded and chaired the Bath University Literature Society for two years, and at Oxford has coordinated lectures and workshops for the Oxford Morality Group.

Annayah is studying BSc Psychology (hons) at the University of Bath, and is visiting Oxford as part of a placement year between her second and final year of undergraduate study. Her main research interests are in moral psychology, particularly involving moral decision-making and group interactions. She is aspiring to conduct a PhD in Social Psychology upon graduation.

She is passionate about public engagement with research and policy, and has worked as an Outreach Ambassador and Academic Representative in her time at Bath. She hopes that her work with PsyNApps will encourage students to get involved with the academic community here at Oxford, and will encourage interdisciplinary communication and enquiry.

Find out more about Annayah’s research at You can contact her at and her twitter is @annayahprosser


Poppy Brown, Treasurer

11032004_822472544510425_7654356467455393715_o-e14508142347491Poppy is a second year undergraduate studying Philosophy and Psychology at Corpus Christi. She is particularly interested in developmental Psychology, as well as anxiety disorders and depression. In order to get experience in these areas, she is currently acting as a research assistant to various people in the Oxford department of Experimental Psychology. Despite wanting to go into Psychology research, Philosophy remains an important part of her life and study, and she enjoys the opportunity PsyNAppS gives for exploring the crossovers between the two subjects.

Outside of academics, Poppy is a keen musician, playing violin in the Oxford University Orchestra and several chamber groups. She also enjoys playing college sport and is a volunteer for Oxfordshire Mind’s Active Body Healthy Mind project.

Poppy can be contacted at


Robert Blakey, Secretary


Rob is a first year DPhil student at St. Hilda’s College studying Criminology, following his undergraduate in Experimental Psychology at St. Catherine’s College and his Masters at Green Templeton College.

His main research interest concerns whether neuroscientific explanations of criminal behaviour will threaten the current priorities of criminal justice and their legitimacy in the public eye. More broadly, he is interested in public perceptions of the causes of criminal behaviour and their effects on the decisions made in court and on the probability of offenders re-offending.

Rob also helps organise British Psychological Society (BPS) Psychologist in the Pub talks in Oxford, as part of his role as West Midlands rep on the BPS postgraduate committee. Outside academia, he is a group facilitator for the mental health charity, Student Minds, and a volunteer at Bullingdon prison.

Robert can be contacted at


Rhiannon White, Editor-in-Chief


Rhiannon is a second year experimental psychology student at Pembroke college. Alongside psychology, she is particularly interested in neuroscience and medicine, and the ways in which these research fields can be applied to address real life problems.

In her free time Rhiannon is involved in volunteering with the mental health charities Restore and Student Minds, as well as Age UK’s telephone befriending service. She also enjoys running and drinking tea. Rhiannon can be contacted at


Sahng-Ah Yoo, Editor-in-Chief


Sahng-Ah Yoo is a Masters student studying Criminology and Criminal Justice in the Faculty of Law. Her interests lie in the criminal justice system, particularly as it relates to marginalized members of society, including Asians, women, and immigrants. As Editor-in-Chief of the PsyNApps blog, she hopes to promote greater dialogue between the academic fields of law and psychology.

Prior to Oxford, Sahng-Ah received her BA (Honors) in Psychology from Columbia University, where she studied the effects of social relations on cognition, memory, and automatic processing, and produced a thesis titled: “Vicarious Shared Reality: Motivation to Establish Shared Reality as an Observer.” Her research in this area is ongoing.

Outside of PsyNApps, Sahng-Ah is also the Editor of Oxford Transitional Justice Research and Secretary of Oxford Children’s Rights Network. After Oxford, she plans to attend law school to pursue her academic interests in using psychology and criminology to inform and improve laws and policies related to the criminal justice system. Sahng-Ah can be contacted at


Rose Shendi, Sponsorship & Careers OfficerProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Rose is a third year medical student at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, specialising in Neuroscience. She is interested in the intersections between neuroscience and psychology and its relevance in clinical scenarios.

She is currently involved in researching sleep markers for mental health conditions in the student population. In her spare time she enjoys analogue photography, sketching and meditation.

She can be contacted regarding sponsorship opportunities and careers events at



Audrey Walela, Publicity Officer

audreyw-e14508155735381Audrey Walela is a second year undergraduate studying Human Sciences at Wadham College.


Audrey can be contacted on




Benjamin Woolf, Committee Member (Experimental Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics (PPL) Subject Representative)


Benjamin is a second year Experimental Psychology student at Christ Church.

His main interests in psychology are in the overlap between psychology and philosophy. He is especially interested in moral psychology and the emerging field of experimental philosophy. In his free time, he likes to drink tea and play with lego.

Benjamin can be contacted at