Our mission

The applications of Psychology and Neuroscience research are broad. They extend far beyond the pages of academic journals into areas as diverse as health, education, and advertising. The American Psychological Society call it ‘Research in Action’.

Yet, many students in the field are unaware of the applications of Psychology and Neuroscience research and of how they can use their knowledge and skills in this area to play an active role in creating innovation and even novel job roles. Decisions to pursue further study or careers in the area are often clouded by misconceptions of the relevance of research and academia. Lacking clear direction and guidance, individuals often leave the field to seek work in the ‘real-world’, taking with them their valuable potential.

PsyNAppS is a society committed to addressing these pertinent issues. We aim to inform students, at all levels, of the plethora of options that neuropsychological research has to offer. We will endeavour to showcase Psychology and Neuroscience research as the dynamic and exciting field that it is; that it affords the opportunity to effect policy: that it needn’t be confined to the lab. Correspondingly, we will engage with individuals in related fields, such as education, business, and technology, for the purpose of forging interdisciplinary collaboration to explore innovation.

To achieve our goals, PsyNAppS proposes to organise a series of interactive workshops to highlight the work of leading Psychologists and Neuroscientists both within the Oxford community and outside it. In particular, these will focus on how research in Psychology and Neuroscience may be used to inform the diverse worlds of policy, education, health, advertising and technology. In addition, we plan to invite speakers from related fields to talk about their experiences collaborating with Psychologists and Neuroscientists on the practical application of their research. There is no shortage of immensely talented researchers whose work has contributed towards improving our everyday lives.

By disseminating these ideas and encouraging a culture of vitality within the fields of Psychological and Neuroscience research, PsyNAppS will fulfil its mission.

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