What is PsyNAppS?

The junction where psychology and neuroscience research meets action and innovation.

PsyNAppS aims to disseminate information about what you can do with your psychology or neuroscience degree and research. We are here to tell you everything Freud hasn’t. We want to show you how psychology and neuroscience can be applied practically to a variety of industries.



Who are we?

Contrary to certain widely held beliefs, most who study psychology do not go on to become mind readers; after all, there can only be one Derren Brown. So what, if not become Professor Xavier, can you do with your psychology or neuroscience degree?


PsyNAppS hopes to shed light on the various career paths that a grounding in psychology or neuroscience may lead to, some of these well-known (clinical, research) others less travelled (neuromarketing, forensic, policy, education).

We do this by inviting individuals who have successfully applied, or who are in the midst of applying their training in psychology or neuroscience to industry, to share their experiences, and by inviting all who are interested to listen to and learn from their stories. Some of our speakers will be prominent, key players in their respective fields, while some will just be starting out, just like you are or will be soon. Through this, we hope to encourage ideas and to inspire aspirations.

Who should come?

So, if you ever find yourself wondering what your options are as a psychologist or neuroscientist, please come along to one of our meetings! These talks are suitable for students and early career researchers alike (undergrads to post docs), and will be a great way to learn how you may apply your degree or research to different professions. Members of the public who would like to find out what psychologists do (other than psychoanalyse you at every turn) are also very much welcome!


For £5 per academic year, PsyNAppS members gain free entry to all talks and events, as well as exclusive access to careers events with our partner companies! Alternatively, £3 gains you entry to all talks in one term, while each individual talk costs £2.

To find out more about our events and meetings please visit our Events page.

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